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Easy Ways to Cut Calories Without Feeling Deprived

Nutritionists agree the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to modify your eating habits in such a way that you never feel deprived. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to cut 40 to 50 calories per meal, and if you start today you will start dropping weight without “officially” going on (and off) a diet.  In fact, Trimming 100 calories a day from your current diet will save you 36,500 calories over the course of one year. That equals a loss of 10.4 pounds of fat!  And it’s not difficult to cut 100 calories without feeling deprived. Try some of the suggestions here and see what works for you!

Did you know?

In order to lose one pound of body fat, you must create a 3,500 calorie deficit. That might sound like a lot, but simply cutting 100 calories a day for 35 days will get you there. Here are some suggestions on cutting 100 calories a day

  • Don’t drink your calories. Skip the juice (at 14 calories/oz), soda (at 12 calories/oz) and wine (at 21 calories/oz) in favor of water (calorie-free!)
  • Change your coffee habit. A 16oz latte will cost you 260 calories. Switch to nonfat milk and drop the calories to 160! Take it a step further by switching to plain drip coffee and your daily dose of caffeine will only cost you 10 calories!
  • Don’t garnish with cheese. It is high in fat and calories and just one ounce can add 100-115 calories.
  • Remove the skin from your chicken breast before cooking and save 100 calories
  • Skip the mayo.  1 Tbsp of regular mayo has 100 calories whereas light mayo has 50 and mustard has just 10 calories
  • Avoid premium ice creams—they have as much as 2 or 3 times the calories as reduced fat versions
  • Focus on cutting 50-100 calories here and there throughout the day that add up to BIG caloric savings!

More Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Breakfast: It’s easier to go low-fat at breakfast than at any other meal so make the most of the following light choices.

  • In a hurry?  Grab a yogurt and an apple for a fiber and calcium rich breakfast.
  • Instead of making a three-egg omelet, use one whole egg and two egg whites.
  • Switch to fat-free dairy products (milk, yogurt, cream cheese & cottage cheese)
  • Upgrade your cereal—it can be a hidden source of sugar and fat. Do a little label reading and choose one that is low in calories and high in fiber.

Lunch: Workday lunches may be your biggest challenge. To cut calories, try the following strategies.

  • Substitute fat-free chips or pretzels for corn or potato chips in your brown-bag lunches. Or better yet, go for a piece of fruit.
  • Try low-fat cottage cheese topped with dried, herb-blend seasonings, a handful of raisins, or a tablespoon of salsa.
  • Look up the nutrition information online for fast food restaurants and plan the healthiest meal ahead of time
  • Starting with a salad? Ask the kitchen to hold the croutons, grated cheese, olives and high-fat dressings. Request a low-fat dressing on the side.
  • Make your sandwich with lean meats like turkey or chicken and spread the bread with mustard instead of mayonnaise.

Dinner: Whether you eat at home or in a restaurant, you can take steps to lighten up your meal.

  • Top baked potatoes with salsa, nonfat cottage cheese, or nonfat yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • Order fresh fish poached or steamed instead of deep fried or battered & pan fried.
  • Watch your condiments. Tartar, Hollandaise and creamy cheese sauces are all high in fat and cholesterol. Better choices: ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce.
  • Steam vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, zucchini and potatoes. Top with lemon juice and herbs.
  • Halve the butter or margarine called for when preparing packaged rice, potato or macaroni dishes.

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