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Travel Comfortably at Thanksgiving

More Americans travel during the Thanksgiving holiday than any other time of the year. Nearly 50 million of us will climb in trains, busses, cars and airplanes to spend the day with loved ones near and far. Unfortunately, stress often accompanies us – and that stress can bring with it physical pain.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Especially on

There are way to make the ride more comfortable, whether it is selecting airlines noted for customer service where it counts, reserving the perfect seat, or selecting minor upgrades à la carte.

First of all, travel light and wear comfortable clothing. Aside from flight attendants and those going to and from business events, no one should feel the need to wear high heels!

A good travel pillow can increase your comfort level significantly, and it can also help you get in a nice nap! You no longer have just a U-shaped option; there are dozens available from one that looks vaguely like a guitar to one that turns you into a human ostrich.

Sitting for long periods is already hard on your back, and without lumbar support, your spine and the muscles in your lower back have to work even harder to maintain healthy alignment. Counteract the crush by wedging a blanket, scarf, or rolled-up sweater behind you to allow your lower back to maintain its natural curve.

Stretching can help combat muscle cramping and fatigue and is an important protective measure against deep vein thrombosis, which can develop when you sit for long periods. Whenever possible, get up every hour or two.

Happy flying!

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