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Tips for Holiday Shopping

The day after Thanksgiving is a milestone of sorts in America. It reminds us of just how quickly the year has gone by – and how close we are to the holiday season.  And until we flip the calendar over to a new year, the chaos just doesn’t let up.  Our bodies can sometimes have a hard time keeping up with everything you want them to do.  With the added stress of the season, we need to do everything we can to help our bodies keep up.  Eat right, drink plenty of water, stretch, exercise and take a few minutes to slow down and reflect on what the season is all about.  So here are a few tips to keep in mind while searching for that incredible deal:

 1.  Stay hydrated: Drink eight to ten –ounce glasses of water a day. On shopping days, you may need to drink more.

2. Stretch: Make sure you stretch. When you are stressed-out, your muscles are not as flexible.

3. Foot wear: Wear shoes with plenty of cushioning in the sole to absorb the impact of walking on those hard shopping mall floors. One study showed that 60% of women report wearing uncomfortable shoes when they shop.

4. Clothing: Make sure to wear layers as you will be going from cold to warm.

5. Leave that heavy purse at home:  Leave your purse at home and only bring your driver’s license and credit card or important identification cards. You can also wear a light fanny pack.

6. Frequent Breaks: Plan frequent breaks during your heavy shopping days. Take a break every 45 minutes. 30 minutes if you have less stamina.  Try to eat light foods. Skip the coffee. Coffee and sodas add stress to your body.

7. Lockers: If possible, obtain a locker. Lockers can cut down dramatically on how much you have to carry around. If your mall or shopping center does not offer lockers, try to plan frequent trips to your car. Don’t carry around more than is absolutely necessary.

8. Diet: We need to eat better around the holidays. On average, people gain 5 to 6 pounds. Eating a heavy meal and then running around shopping can be very dangerous.

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