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Summer Tip: Never Lounge in a Wet Bathing Suit

Although Summer is officially winding down, it’s never too late to learn an important tip for staying healthy, right?

Well, we’ve got one for you: never sit in a wet bathing suit. Sure, you can technically sit in them, but you certainly shouldn’t lounge. Especially if you’re a woman.

Here’s why:

First, the inside of a wet swimsuit is both warm and moist, so it’s basically a breeding ground for bacteria. And then, when you’re in the water, swimsuit material tends to absorb the various chemicals and bacteria that exist in pools or the ocean.Summer

Second, because yeast thrives in warm and wet environments, wet bathing suit bottoms can cause yeast infections in women, especially those who suffer from recurring yeast infections. The bacteria that festers in wet bathing suits can cause an overgrowth of yeast cells in the vagina or vulva.

And third, it can cause a painful rash. Most everyone has heard of athlete’s foot, bud did you know sitting in a wet swimsuit can cause a very similar infection around your genitals known as “jock itch.” It’s true. And it’s very, very uncomfortable.

Even if there is no fungal infection involved, people with sensitive skin may experience skin irritation from wearing wet material.

So, if you plan is to take a quick dip in the pool and then spend the rest of your visit lounging and reading books or magazines, do yourself a favor and change into some dry clothes!

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