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Stressful Job? Here’s How to Relax at Work

Jobs can be stressful. Even if you really, really like your job, it can still be stressful. Managing stress as it comes is one way to avoid the negative health impacts of a stressful lifestyle.

Believe it or not, whether you’re stuck behind a desk all day or are out and about during your nine to five, there are a bunch of great ways to minimize your workday stress and improve your mental health.stressful

You can take a short walk. For example, if you work in Research Triangle Park, there are walking trails all over the park. You can use them to talk walks, ride bikes, or even to hold meetings.

As long as it’s not too distracting, having conversations with coworkers is a terrific way to lower stress, get a break AND build camaraderie.

This is going to sound too good to be true, but if you take a break to drink a glass of water. Water’s free, you most likely have a water fountain or sink in your place of work, AND it’s one of the best things you can do for your body.

Getting a change of scenery can also do wonders. Perhaps you can sit on a bench outside of your office building or even simply look out a window at a view you don’t see regularly.

And please, don’t eat at your desk. Recent studies have shown that eating at your desk not only increases stress levels, but also makes you less creative.

For more examples of ways to quickly relieve stress, this site is a good resource.

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