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Sometimes dogs need chiropractic care, too

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joggerWhile we obviously specialize in the care of humans in our office, it turns out dogs occasionally need chiropractic care, too.

More specifically, sled dogs.

We came across this article a few weeks ago about sled dogs in Alaska who received chiropractic adjustments during a long, tough race between the towns of Whitehorse and Fairbanks.

The dogs’ adjustments were performed by Jeanne Olson, a veterinarian who attended college in the mid-1980’s when alternative medicine techniques weren’t widely practiced on animals.

According to Olson, chiropractic adjustments to dogs can be rough, but once the dogs feel the benefits, they usually relax and welcome additional treatments.

Since Olson first went to Alaska, more local veterinarians have added alternative medicine therapies and, based on the success they’ve had with the sled dogs, she believes others may soon be doing more of this work.

What do you think? If your veterinarian offered chiropractic care for their patients, could it help your pet?

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