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Seniors and Chiropractic

For maturing adults and seniors, chiropractic care can be very important and useful. Dramatic changes occur in the spine as we age, and our spinal discs, joints, ligaments, muscles and other spinal tissues become weaker and less able to withstand normal stresses.

Because of this, arthritis becomes more prominent and tissue injury from relatively benign events occurs. The time to heal from injuries increases.

There are numerous advantages for seniors through chiropractic care, such as: pain relief, increased range of motion, increased balance and coordination, decreased joint degeneration and decreased incidence of falling.seniors

All of these benefits help keep seniors out of nursing homes.

Chiropractic takes into consideration the nature of the aging spine and the many abnormalities present to provide an effective, safe and non-invasive treatment plan.

Gentle adjusting techniques, physical therapies, and the incorporation of stretching and exercise programs promote reduced spinal pain and spinal stresses. It also improves flexibility and mobility.

In fact, chiropractic adjustments are recommended by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research for the care of acute low back pain. Additionally, the American Geriatric Society Panel Guidelines for the Management of Chronic Pain state that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as chiropractic may be appropriate.

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