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The Science of Coffee

After you drink a cup of coffee, do you find yourself with the jitters, or do you feel exactly the same? Some people can drink coffee and be suddenly energized, while others drink it and it has no impact on their energy level at all.

Turns out, there’s a scientific reason for that, and the explanation may be in your genes.

Folks who inherit two copies of the “fast” variant coffeeof the gene CYP1A2 are known as fast metabolizers, and can break down caffeine about four times more quickly than people who inherit two copies of the slow variant of CYP1A2.

However, numerous genes are part of the caffeine metabolism process and researchers are just starting to look into the links between coffee metabolism and other health conditions such as ovarian cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

The good news for coffee lovers, though, is that just last month, the World Health Organization reversed its decades-long stance that the beverage is “possibly carcinogenic,” citing a lack of evidence.

Regardless of whether you need one cup in the morning to help you out the door or six, it’s been found that coffee may even be good for your health! Check out this video to learn about some of the health benefits of java.

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