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Pool Safety

Because temperatures are rising and pools are open, this week we’re going to continue to talk about pool safety for you and your family.

Last week we emphasized pool cleanliness, and this week we’re going to talk about safety tips that go beyond germs.

Never leave your child unattended at a public pool or spa. Constant supervision is an extremely important step to make sure your child is safe.pool safety

Never multi-task while your child is swimming. Talking on the phone, sun-bathing, reading a book or magazine — these all take your eyes away from watching your child, who can become injured in minutes if left unsupervised. As an extra precaution, always keep a cell phone close by.

Drain entrapments are often the result of a swimmer’s hair, limbs, clothing, or jewelry getting tangled in a faulty drain. Never let your child play or swim near drains or suction outlets, especially in spas and shallow pools. Entrapment caused by powerful suction from a pool or spa’s drain can trap a child.

Children’s public wading pools, pools designed for young children, and in-ground spas that have flat drain grates and single main drain systems pose the greatest risk of entrapment.

Teach your child basic water safety tips, and practice them yourself. Make sure that everyone in your family learns to swim.

Understand the basics of CPR and other life-saving skills. Take CPR and first-aid courses, and continue to update your training through programs offered by the American Red Cross.

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