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How to Survive your Workout

After a workout, do you feel store? Excessively tired? Completely zapped of energy?

Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel sore and tired after a workout, but the thing is, you don’t need to feel that way. There are some simple things you can do before you hit the gym equipment to prevent the soreness and stiffness when you get home.

First, you need to stretch. Really, really stretch.workout

Stretching before and after you exercise is said over and over and over, but not many people actually do it. But stretching before and after your workout is a great way to prevent pain and injury.

If you stretch before your workout, it helps loosen the muscles and increase your full range of motion. And if you stretching after a workout, it will decrease muscle soreness.

While you’re at it, don’t skip the warm-up, either. Warming up gets the blood flowing and helps your body pump nutrients to your muscles.

Before, after and even during a workout – if you’re able – it’s crucial to stay hydrated. It can help with your energy level and to decrease muscle cramps.

Finally, it’s very important to have good technique. Whether you’re hitting the treadmill or the weights, it’s key to actually know what you’re doing. If you don’t know, there are, of course, online resources. But if you’re a member of a gym, don’t hesitate to ask employees or trainers for assistance. That’s what they’re there for.

So, don’t let the fear of soreness keep you from exercising – there are things you can do to feel good after a workout, and the benefits for your body are well worth the effort.

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