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Holidays are Coming – Don’t be a Grinch

While looking for some good tips to pass along to help keep you happy and healthy this holiday season, we spotted this eye-catching headline and found the article that followed to be full of great information for the holidays.

Grinch Prevention: Self-care during the holidays

Holiday GrinchWe know this to be true… the holidays are a magical – but stressful – time of the year. Our routines are out of whack, there is a lot of pressure to buy gifts and make other people happy, and stress can come from places we never even imagined.

During the holidays, we tend to be overwhelmed with everything going on around us and we often stop doing the things that naturally alleviate stress – things like exercise and eating well.

We also know that during Christmastime you need to be especially mindful of both your mental and physical health.

The article has some really good and insightful ideas to help you keep yourself on balance this season and it’s worth your time to pop over. After all, you don’t want to become a Grinch, do you…? 🙂

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