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“To crack or not to crack, that is the question.” Isn’t that what Shakespeare said?

Ok, maybe not. But a lot of folks really do wonder if cracking their back, their fingers, their neck, their knees is good for them.

And we’re here to tell you that, well, it’s complicated.

After sitting at your desk for eight hours or more, it can feel amazing to streeeeetch and crack your back. But it can actually be a little risky.

You see, when you manipulate your own joints, you are causing your ligaments to stretch like a rubber band.

When a rubber band is stretched too many times, it loses its shape, which causes it to be unstable and maybe even snap.

Your ligaments work in the same way.crack

When you continually stretch them by cracking your own neck or back, they can no longer provide the structure and stability that the joints in your neck or back need to maintain proper alignment.

What does that mean? Well, it can cause a whole long list of issues including stiffness, pinched nerves, misaligned vertebra and pain.

Turns out you’re never actually fixing the problem. Popping your own back and joints is just releasing the gasses, stretching ligaments and lubricating joints that are already too stretched out.

So, what do you do if you really feel the need to crack your back or your neck? You call your friendly neighborhood chiropractor, of course!

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