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Common Problems Golfers Have With Their Swings

There are common mistakes that golfers make in their swing that can affect both the quality of their shot and their chances of injury.  Here are some of those common problems:


  • Poor posture when addressing the ball is the most common problem with the address.  Poor posture at address is characterized by a forward curve in the neck and low back and bending forward more than 45 degrees.
  • Improper set up with your right shoulder higher than your left and your head in front of your hands.


  •  Instead of rotating the hips and trunk fully (due to poor range of motion and flexibility limitations), the golfer will extend during the backswing.
  • The golfer may also move backward during the backswing due to a mechanical inability to rotate the hip and trunk.
  • Bending the lead arm during the backswing
  • Inside takeaway AKA Flat takeaway – bringing your hands back and inside of the target line.  This is often seen in the backswing of those golfers who are attempting to compensate for a slice.
  • Fanning the clubface open on the backswing which leads to a slice.
  • Cupping of the left wrist at the top of the backswing will cause a slice.  Your left wrist should be flat at the top of the backswing.  This will put your club face in a square position.  A square club face will help to remedy a slice


  • Flexing forward during the downswing due to poor range of motion and flexibility in the hips and trunk
  • Forward movements during the downswing
  • Over the top swing pattern which is due to an extension movement in the downswing.  This pattern has a tendency to cause a hook shot because of a closed clubface.  This pattern resembles a wood-chopping movement.
  • Early wrist release in the downswing AKA Casting.  Unlocking the wrists too early will cause a loss of power.  Often seen in golfers with exaggerated, long, backswings resulting in wild, off-target shots.

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