Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques Offered in this Office

Case Chiropractic offers our patients a variety of treatment methods to provide them with the best, most effective care.

Activator Methods

The Activator is a hand-held instrument that was scientifically designed to give you a very specific “low force” adjustment.  One of its unique features is that we can zero in on the exact area that is causing your health problem without interrupting the body mechanics of nearby vertebrae.  Chiropractic Techniques - Case Chiropractic Because Activator adjustments are so quick and controlled, your body’s reflexes are less likely to resist, allowing for a more precise and exact adjustment.  Thus, the Activator is able to pinpoint your problem and making it less likely to return.

Cox Distraction Technique

Cox Distraction Manipulation is a gentle, non-force adjusting treatment which works with the body’s natural design to aid it in healing properly.  This technique, established over 40 years ago, uses a specialized table to distract the spine.  It is often used to help relieve pain from disc herniations, failed back surgery syndromes, leg pain, sciatica, ruptured discs, bulging discs, slipped discs, disc prolapses, and spondylolisthesis.  Cox Technique is a safe alternative to back surgery.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is an FDA-approved modality that has been proven to be 90% effective in relieving acute/chronic pain, muscle spasm, arthritis pain, muscle strain, and muscle stiffness.  It sends light energy into the targeted tissues causing a decrease in inflammation, increased blood flow, and a quicker healing time.


By stabilizing and balancing your feet, orthotics can enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness.  Orthotics complement your treatment when you stand, walk, and live your life in balance.

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