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Chiropractic Can Help With Running

Running is one of the most popular and easiest ways to stay in shape year-round, but it can put tremendous stress on bodies, even when it’s done right.

Stretching, strengthening and cross training are very important to remaining in balance, but did you know chiropractors can also help?

For regular runners who are in good overall shape, it may seem strange to seek out treatment from a chiropractor, but being proactive and taking care of your body when you’re healthy can be one of the best ways to avoid pain in the future.

The days when chiropractic care was needed only for aches, injuries or pain are gone, and many athletes regularly visit chiropractors to maintain the best possible health and fitness.

One way chiropractors can help is by keeping runners’ cores aligned. Getting and staying aligned enables runners’ bodies to handle the persistent pounding they take when their feet hit pavement. The high impact of running can lead to long-term pain and injury if you continue to run without a properly aligned core.

The most common injuries seen in runners are related to the foot and lower leg, things like shin splints, knee injuries Running-Shoesand foot pain. Hip and spine injuries are also common, and most injuries are related to over-stressing the supportive tissues.

Put simply, chiropractic care can keep the body moving efficiently. It eases the stress on the body, whether you’re training for a big race or go for quick jogs around the neighborhood.

A good, experienced chiropractor can also help determine the probability of a future injury by identifying imbalanced muscles or joint imbalances, which can lead to more physical wear and tear on the body and may be harmful in the long term.

If you’re looking for additional ways to stay healthy, Men’s Health recently put together a list of their best tips for runners, which you can find here.

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