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Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

It happens to the best of us. Holiday weight gain. It’s so hard to avoid with the Christmas cookies, party hors d’oeuvres and eggnog around every corner.

While the food definitely adds to the holiday spirit, it also has a tendency to add to your waistline as party

Avoiding holiday parties and gatherings to avoid the extra calories is a sure-fire way to reduce weight gain, but it also lessens the joy of the season.

Here are a few easy and practical ways to begin and end the season in the same pant size:

  • Weigh yourself twice a week to make sure you stay on track, but not so often that you take all the fun out of holiday eating.
  • Scope out the buffet before you load your plate to avoid foods you don’t really
  • Some folks will avoid eating all day to be able to gorge themselves at parties and gatherings, which might not be a good strategy. Why? Because when you arrive you’re likely starving and will have a more difficult time making smart choices.
  • Eat desserts, but only take three bites. That’ll be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you won’t get all the calories.
  • And finally, chew slowly! Sounds simple, but studies have shown that people who eat slowly gain less weight than people who don’t.

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