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Could You Be Getting Arsenic Poisoning From Your Food?

rice-bowlIn November 2012 Consumer Reports published an article of their findings of worrisome levels of arsenic found in rice products (to read their article, you can click on this link:  Arsenic in Your Foods).  Before this, they published another article (to read, click link:  Arsenic in Your Juice) in January 2012 revealing arsenic in apple and grape juice.  Most of you probably know that arsenic is a potent human carcinogen and can cause health problems in children later in life.  This finding is very disturbing, but are we really surprised by it?  We know that the excessive amounts of pesticides and herbicides that are used have to have some effect on our biological system.  Arsenic is used as a neurological agent against bugs.  It then ends up in our waterways and since rice is grown in water, it tends to accumulate in rice more than other grains. 

It is my hope that the Consumer Reports findings as well as others like it will open up serious discussions about our approach to the food we eat and our long term health.  For years alternative healthcare providers have preached to our patients about the need to eat clean food, increase their consumption of plants and do periodic detoxification to remove some of the toxins which accumulate in our system over time.  And now an independent organization is sounding an alarm that certain foods we eat or drink may cause serious health problems. 

I believe that we should have serious concerns about our food supply:  Roundup-ready corn, soy and alfalfa; mercury in the fish; bad fats; hormones and antibiotics in beef and chicken; and 70% of the processed foods in the grocery store which have been estimated to contain GMO derivatives.  Because of these things, our diets and the supplements we use to support our diet should be geared to repairing the damage done by the chemicals and heavy metals that we are unknowingly ingesting.  Heavy metals inactivate enzymes in the body and increase free radical damage which can lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity, and some forms of cancer.  So it’s important to get rid of any excess heavy metals.  Doing a regular detox can help you with this. 

My next post will discuss tips for lessening your chances to get arsenic in your food.

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