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April Showers and May Flowers

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Although it’s nearing the end of April, we haven’t had many showers in the Apex, NC area (which is where we’re located). And that’s got us thinking… do April showers really bring May flowers?

Believe it or not, it’s not a simple answer! It depends if you’re talking about annuals or perennials.

Perennials are plants and flowers whose roots stay alive even after the part aboveground dies. Their beauty is usually what announces the arrival of spring. When they arrive depends on where you live. If you’re way up north somewhere like Maine, you won’t see them until around May. But down here in the south, we see them much earlier, in March and April.

Regardless of when the perennials bloom, the rainfall of the previous month isn’t that relevant. 

And annuals, those beauties you plant each and every year, they kind of depend on April showers. But that actually has more to do with when they’re planted than any specific April showers.

You see, lifespan and growth are influenced by the rainfall in the months immediately after they’re planted, not the month before. But if they’re planted in the month of April, those showers could be helpful.

According to Slate:

The one place where April showers would truly bring May flowers is the desert. In arid regions like the Mojave, plants sit under the sand, sometimes for years, just waiting for enough water to send up shoots and leaves. A few weeks—or sometimes even days—after a heavy rainfall, the desert will explode with color.

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