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A Child With ADHD, What’s a Parent To Do?

One of my patients came into the office a month or so ago excited at how well her child with ADHD has been doing under chiropractic care.  She thanked me for talking to her about this months earlier because a new study was recently released by The American Journal of Psychiatry that supports the claims that stimulant drugs usually prescribed for ADHD could increase the risk of sudden unexplained death in children. This particular patient saw this while watching the CBS Early Show that particular morning, and the M.D. on the show recommended Chiropractic care and nutritional counseling instead of the medications.
Doctors of chiropractic offer a non-drug and non-invasive treatment alternative for ADHD patients that targets the underlying problems,
not just symptoms. “Motor activity—especially development of the postural muscles—is the baseline function of brain activity. Anything affecting postural muscles will influence brain development. Musculoskeletal imbalance will create imbalance of brain activity, and one part of the brain will develop faster than the other, and that’s what’s happening in ADHD patients,” says Dr. Melillo of the American Chiropractic Association. So if you have a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, there are safer alternatives to taking Ritalin and some of the other medications.

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