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Sleep Habits: Are Yours Causing You Pain?

If you have lower back pain, neck pain, or other general aches and pains, have you considered changing your sleep habits?

If not, it’s time you did. Believe it or not, the position in which you sleep and the pillow you use could perhaps be the cause of your discomfort.

Try sleeping on your back, which helps maintain a neutral spine position and eases any pressure on your lower back and neck. When your spine is straight, you are not forcing any extra curves in your body.Sleep

The next best position is side-sleeping because it also keeps your spine elongated and free from curves. In addition to relieving lower back and neck pain, it also is helpful for reducing acid reflux and decreasing snoring.

However, if you sleep in the fetal position with your knees pulled and your chin tucked, you may be laying the foundation for chronic back and neck pain. A great alternative is the slide-sleeping position, which has many benefits.

The worst thing you can do for your back, however, is sleeping on your stomach. It is nearly impossible to maintain a neutral spine while on your stomach, and it puts pressure on your nerves and joints, which can lead to numbness and tingling.

For more information on the best pillow to use for each sleeping potion, visit this handy site put together by the folks at Health Magazine.

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