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Technology and Your Health

We recently stumbled across the following article, Is Technology Causing Millennials a Lifetime of Pain?

From the article:

Technology has revolutionized the lives of millions of millennials. But this generation — the first to grow up intimately connected to computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices — may one day pay a heavy price for being plugged in.

“Many of the millennials who are either college age or in the workforce are looking at screens constantly,” said Dr. Mark Jacquot, clinical director of vision care at LensCrafters. “Of course, we’re all glued to our phones right now.” Technology

The long-term effects of heavy technology use are unknown. But millennials are already showing signs of digital wear and tear. Health problems such as neck and back pain, nearsightedness, and difficulty with offline relationships are increasingly common in this generation.

These physical and emotional issues extend well beyond the realm of extreme gamers. Technology pervades the lives of all millennials, putting them at risk of techno aches and pains.

While we’re all connected to technology in one way or another – you could be reading this on a computer, tablet or even a phone – we also need to remember to be tuned into our health while doing so.

Next week, we’re going to dive into how to keep yourself healthy while still glued into technology and all the amazing things it has to offer (like blogs!).

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